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Trump’s lifting of Hong Kong’s special status hurts the US more than China (opinion)

Few would deny that Beijing’s national security law, which allows Beijing to define secession, subversion, terrorism, or interference by foreign forces, paves the way for worrying restrictions on the civil liberties of Hong Kong citizens. But once again, President Trump has chosen a dramatic but doomed policy that will do little harm to China and further isolate the United States …

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Kimye’s marriage could be the only thing that keeps Kim’s A-List status intact, fans say

Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West are certainly one of the most discussed couples in Hollywood right now. It’s one thing to talk about, but are they respected? West is a talented musician herself, but Kardashian West has always been criticized for having no special talent and only being famous for being famous. Fans have recently wondered if …

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The Hong Kong government warns against the lifting of the US double-edged sword special status.

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong has urged the US to stay out of the internal debate on China’s new national security laws and warned that the withdrawal of the financial center’s special status under US law could affect the US economy . FILE PHOTO: Anti-government protesters sit when they were arrested during a lunchtime protest when a controversial national …

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Pompeo informs Congress that Hong Kong is no longer independent of China and is threatening trade status

Washington – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that he confirmed to Congress that Hong Kong is no longer independent of China, which could result in the city losing its special trading status with the United States. Under US law, the State Department is required to review Hong Kong’s autonomy from China annually, and Pompeo said in a statement …

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The NFL changes Colin Kaepernick’s status after a backlash from “retired” to “UFA” on the league side

The NFL came under fire on Friday after Colin Kaepernick was listed as “retired” by the former San Francisco 49ers on the league’s official website. The former quarterback’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, went to Twitter to pound the league for “lying” and “claiming” [Kapernick] retired.” COLIN KAEPERNICK DONATES $ 100G to the CORONAVIRUS FUND for “disproportionately devastated” minority groups “Colin has …

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Colin Kaepernick’s status has changed from “Retirement” to “UFA” on the NFL website Grandstand report

Carmen Mandato / Getty Images After free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick was wrongly classified as “retired”, the NFL changed its name to “UFA” on NFL.com on Saturday, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. The NFL website was recently redesigned, and Kaepernick’s friend Nessa pointed out that Kaepernick shouldn’t have been listed as a pensioner: NESSA @nessnitty The @NFL …

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