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Fall Guys is currently more popular on Steam than Grand Theft Auto 5 • Eurogamer.net

Fall Guys’ notable breakout success continues, with notable popularity on Steam and Twitch. Mediatonics Hummel Battle Royale started this week and became an overnight feel-good hit of the summer with over 1.5 million players in the first 24 hours after publication. On Steam, Fall Guys is currently more popular than big budget blockbusters like Grand Theft Auto 5 (which you …

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The free shooter ‘Crucible’ from Amazon is now available on Steam

The game also started with three game modes. “Heart of the Hives” is a 4-on-4 battle mode against giant boss beehives that appear all over the world, while in “Alpha Hunter” mode, eight teams of two compete against each other. In “Harvester Command” mode, two teams of eight fight to capture and activate essence nests on the map. Amazon Games …

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Looks like Valve is planning Steam loyalty discounts and rewards

Steam has a lot of loyal players and it appears that Valve has a program in mind to reward long-time users. Evidence of a loyalty reward system has emerged among Steam Datamers that offers reward items, badge levels, and – possibly – discounts on certain games. It also seems that we are getting more opportunities to respond to Steam user …

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Half-Life: Alyx has added almost 1 million VR users to Steam

Half-life: Alyx seems to have given VR games a serious boost. Road to VR used historical data and direct valve data to calculate that Steam users added almost 950,000 VR headsets in April, a huge increase over March. While the Steam information doesn’t indicate how many of them were new (it’s possible that some were only associated with Steam for …

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The ADL calls out steam to give extremists a pass

After the terrible 2019 shooting in New Zealand’s Christchurch mosques, over 100 profiles on the Steam gaming platform honored the shooter. Steam is a digital video game store with some social networking features, and not the most obvious home for loaded political content. But just a few hours after the shooting, 66 Steam profiles took on the shooter’s name. Dozens …

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