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Tapatalk was obtained from the Google Play Store

Tapatalk has been an incredibly popular Android app over the past few years as it provided an easy way to access thousands of web forums from a single application in an era when many websites had limited mobile layouts. The app has a loyal (albeit smaller) following to this day, although the Android version has now been removed from the …

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Chinese JD retail store can only sell less than 1000 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 units in October

After October is almost over, the numbers are pouring out of China’s largest retail store, JD.com. This shows us how bad the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080’s stock position is even in the APAC market region, where retailers are faking sales numbers and even buyers’ submitted reviews on the website. NVIDIA partners sold fewer than 1,000 GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards …

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Former pipe factory worker becomes billionaire in the budget store

Ye Guofu Source: Miniso Group Holding Ltd. Source: Miniso Group Holding Ltd. A Chinese entrepreneur who started a chain of stores selling stylish household items at bargain prices has just turned into a billionaire benefiting from the global trend of consumers turning to cheap goods as the coronavirus pandemic swallows up spending budgets. Guangdong, China The Miniso Group Holding Ltd. …

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In New Milestone, physicists store and transport light with the help of quantum storage

Storing and transmitting information is an essential part of any computer system, and quantum computer systems are no different. If we want to take advantage of the speed and security of quantum computers and a quantum internet, we need to figure out how quantum data move. Scientists are approaching this, among other things, through optical quantum memory or the use …

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Ex-pizza makers allegedly placed razor blades in dough sold at the Maine grocery store

The former employee of a pizza delivery company was arrested Sunday in New Hampshire for allegedly sticking razor blades in pizza dough that was sold in a Maine grocery store. Nicholas Mitchell, 38, is accused of being a refugee after being held by surveillance videos at Hannaford supermarket in Saco, south of Portland, Saco Police Department. Chief Corey Huntress said. …

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