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Endgame ‘has more story holes than fans originally realized

Not everyone who loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe thinks so Avengers: Endgame is a perfect film that has exceeded all expectations of the box office. The biggest problems still arise in the opinion of fans about the time travel robbery and the number of plot holes in it. Nobody can travel through time like the Russians tried without having a …

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Warren Buffett loaned Harley-Davidson $ 300 million during the financial crisis. Here’s the story of how he helped the motorcycle manufacturer.

Reuters Warren Buffett loaned Harley-Davidson around $ 300 million during the financial crisis. “It was the bridge we needed to get through a difficult time,” said the motorcycle manufacturer’s chief financial officer in 2014. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway was likely to make a profit of around $ 150 million from the five-year loan, but could have earned more than $ 1 …

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The Betty Broderick Story Review

Amanda Peet with Amanda Peet’s voluminous shoulder pads as Betty Broderick in the new season of Filthy John. Photo: Isabella Vosmikova / USA network Being a woman who bases her identity solely on her role as a woman and mother can be dangerous. Television has issued this warning more than once in Hulus this year Small fires everywhere, in FX …

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On TV / radio: Lance Armstrong’s new film is a difficult story

If you’ve been fascinated by Michael Jordan’s tireless drive and ego over the past five weekends, as portrayed in the marathon ESPN film documentary “The Last Dance”, you’ll find some similarities in Lance, the two-part, four-hour film, cyclist Lance Armstrong, which premieres at 8pm on Sunday and ends on May 31st. Unfortunately, “Lance” is a hard-to-bear story and a more …

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Steve Kerr’s incredible story gets his money’s worth

If you’re not familiar with the life of Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and wondered why he’s so open about gun violence, episode 9 of ESPN’s The Last Dance is for you. When the documentary reached the NBA final in 1997, Kerr’s background story came into focus. Especially the tragic death of his father. Steve Kerr’s story was …

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