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The story goes that Biden’s proposed capital gains tax will put immediate selling pressure on stocks, according to Goldman Sachs

Drew Angerer / Getty Images Joe Biden’s proposed capital gains tax could put immediate selling pressure on stocks, according to Goldman Sachs. In a Friday note, the company stated that the latest capital gains tax hike in 2013 sparked approximately $ 100 billion worth of stock sales by wealthy individuals. However, those who sold quickly bought back stock just months …

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Warren Buffett plowed $ 5 billion into Bank of America during the debt crisis. Here’s the story of how the investor helped the bank and made a fortune in the process.

Alex Wong / Getty Images Warren Buffett invested $ 5 billion in Bank of America in August 2011, which gave the struggling lender a crucial vote of confidence and money cushion. Berkshire Hathaway’s famous investor and CEO got the idea of ​​investing while bathing and was initially blocked by a call center employee before going through to Bank of America …

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Twitter got me at gunpoint to erase the Biden story

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany went on Twitter for banning her account. The administrators said they essentially had me at gunpoint until she deleted the post she shared on the New York Post about the Hunter Biden story. McEnany was among those Twitter users prevented from spreading the Post’s exclusive front-page story on Biden’s alleged hard drive – and …

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Senator Gary Peters shares his abortion story

A US Senator shares his abortion story. Senator Gary Peters, D-Mich., Told Elle magazine in an interview published Monday how an abortion could have saved his first wife’s life. Peters, who is running for re-election for a second term in the Senate, said in an interview that he is speaking out because he is concerned that the confirmation of President …

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Fargo Season 4 Recap: A Story That Sounds A Little Too Familiar

The history of organized crime in America is the history of American immigration from the perspective of many popular fictions. From The Godfather to Scar face to American me and New York Criminal OrganizationsGangster dramas tell the stories of those who arrive on these shores and find that they are immediately the underclass, denying the privilege and goodwill of those …

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