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China is pushing to produce coronavirus equipment, but is struggling to monitor it

HONG KONG – A man made fake Honeywell N95 respirators in a makeshift farm farm. Pharmacies sold ineffective copies of a Chinese version of Clorox. In a Chinese province, authorities confiscated over seven million masks that were inferior, mislabeled, or faked. China’s huge production machine has gone into overdrive to provide the country and the world with masks, test kits, …

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"A tough day": West Fargo teens struggling with an unknown condition diagnosed with ALS

For more than five months, his doctors sought a diagnosis and tried to find answers to why the second child of West Fargo Sheyenne blurred his speech and had difficulty breathing and swallowing. Ben's condition was largely unknown until recently diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Ben's parents Mark and Linda Merck had the …

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60-year-olds are struggling with a student loan from 30-year-olds

Student loan debt is a common problem in the US, but it does not only affect younger generations – new data from the survey agency Experian show that debt for student loans spills over to retired parents. Experian examined a sample of its consumer credit database and found that average student credit balances have risen for all ages in recent …

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The inhabitants of Kashmir are struggling with grenade launchers and restrictions

Information left over from the region, however, tells a different story. Officials in Srinagar, capital of India-controlled Kashmir, report mass arrests and residents say tear gas and pellet guns are being used against Kashmir citizens and movement restrictions continue. Two local officials told CNN that more than 2,000 people had been detained in Jammu and Kashmir in the days before …

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Florida Panthers: Endangered Florida Panthers who are mysteriously struggling to walk – and wildlife officials do not know why

Florida Panther with Disorder Several Panthers and Bobcats in Florida seem to have developed a mysterious disorder that attracts the attention of wildlife officials. The animals have difficulty walking and have hind legs, often stumble and fall off. Some believe that they may have been poisoned. "All affected animals showed some degree of walking difficulties or difficulty in coordinating their …

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