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Polynesian DNA study suggests an epic trip to South America 800 years ago

About 3,000 years ago, people on the eastern edge of Asia started sailing eastward and crossing thousands of kilometers of the ocean to reach uninhabited islands. Around 2,000 years later, their descendants invented the double-hull canoe to travel further east and reach places like Hawaii and Rapa Nui. Archaeologists and anthropologists have long discussed: How far have the Polynesian canoes …

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New Global Study Reveals “Time Tree” of Earth’s Flowering Plants

Angiosperms (flowering plants) “time tree”. Credit: Dr. Santiago Ramirez-Barahona New research published today in Natural ecology & evolution by scientists from Australia and Mexico unveiled the world’s first complete angiosperm “time tree” – a reconstruction of the evolution of the world’s flowering plants over time. The rise of angiosperms (flowering plants) began about 140 million years ago and triggered one …

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Bubbles are good places to study COVID-19

Sport is returning to the US, and professional leagues are creating conditions that are tailored to study COVID-19, according to researchers. They offer significant groups of people who are regularly monitored by doctors. When leagues enter a pandemic isolation zone, as the National Basketball Association at Disney World plans, the controlled environment offers even more ways to understand the virus. …

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DNA linked to Covid-19 was inherited from Neanderthals, study results

A DNA segment associated with Covid-19 was passed on by Neanderthals 60,000 years ago, according to a new study. Scientists do not yet know why this special segment increases the risk of a serious illness caused by the coronavirus. However, the new findings, which were put online on Friday and have not yet been published in a scientific journal, show …

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Global warming has wiped out 6,500 years of cooling, according to the study

CONCLUDE How Adult Americans Think About Climate Change. USA TODAY Highlights of the story “There was a global cooling before global warming.” Global warming has increased by around 1 degree Celsius since the mid-19th century. “Our future climate will largely depend on the influence of human factors.” Over the past 150 years, man-made global warming has eliminated the natural global …

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