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Naya Rivera 911 audio, surveillance video released; Search ends for night

Surveillance video and 911 audio related to the disappearance of former “Glee” actress Naya Rivera were reportedly released on Thursday. Authorities in Southern California previously said 33-year-old Rivera was believed dead after a boat trip with her 4-year-old son on Wednesday. The child was found alone in the boat they rented on Lake Piru, north of Los Angeles, on Wednesday. …

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Planetary Surveillance – A Plan to Turn the Atmosphere into a Giant Sensor Science & Technology

June 13, 2020 W.HEN AN EARTHQUAKE When geophysicists shook Nepal in 2015, they were surprised to find that they could see its reflection in the ionosphere, a layer of the atmosphere beyond 75 km above the earth’s surface. Ground-based instruments showed changes in the density of free electrons in this electrically charged zone. These curled outward from the point in …

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IBM dispenses with facial recognition products and condemns racially biased surveillance: NPR

IBM announced this week that it would stop selling its facial recognition technology to customers, including law enforcement agencies. The move caused other technology companies like Amazon and Microsoft to do the same. Richard Drew / AP Hide label Switch label Richard Drew / AP IBM announced this week that it would stop selling its facial recognition technology to customers, …

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The video shows Russian pilots performing an “unsafe” interception of the US surveillance aircraft for the third time in two months

Russian pilots unsafe to intercept a U.S. surveillance aircraft flying over the Mediterranean for the third time in two months in international airspace, the Navy said in a statement on Tuesday. The 6th Fleet said two Russian SU-35 fighters flew near the wings of the Poseidon US P-8A aircraft in an “unsafe and unprofessional” manner. The U.S. military released a …

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Corona virus tests the borders of the Russian surveillance state

The Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia, about 250 miles northeast of Moscow, stepped up its anti-coronavirus efforts on Saturday by adding a system of downloadable QR codes – these square barcode labyrinths of lines and boxes – to help track the pandemic using tracking -To combat technology. But Moscow – which usually sets the tone for the rest of the …

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