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The desert telescope aims to age our universe

The 6 m long Atacama telescope in Chile examined the cosmic microwave background Another telescope has entered into the debate about the age and rate of expansion of the universe. This topic has recently become the subject of an energetic back and forth among scientists using various astronomical devices and techniques. A new addition is the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in …

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New Japanese telescope detects immense “superflare” on the nearby star

The new Seimei telescope from KyotoU detects enormous “super flare” on nearby stars The cold, dark chaos of space is full of secrets. Fortunately, the way we look into the Void of Void is increasing and now includes the 3.8-meter Seimei Telescope from Kyoto University. With this new instrument, located on a hill in Okayama west of Kyoto, astronomers from …

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Stargazing in the ‘night sky’ without a telescope

You don’t need a telescope to become a stargazer – with the help of your eyes and even your fingers, you can enjoy the constellations, planets, nebulae and satellites that pervade the sky every night. Regas teaches readers how to use their fingers – a little finger that represents approximately one degree of sky, three fingers that represent approximately five …

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