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Big Ten Wrestling Tournament: Live updates from the last day of the conference finals

Big Ten Wrestling. The 14 teams that make up the country's most dominant wrestling conference this year have gathered in Minneapolis to showcase powerhouse programs. Penn State, Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan and more. It's the intense, emotional, fiery battle college wrestling fans that itches since the beginning of the season. On Sunday morning and into the evening, the action continues. …

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It took ten years for the first planet found by Kepler to be confirmed

Although astronomy likes to address the number of exoplanets found by the Kepler probe, these planets are not truly confirmed. They are more properly termed candidate exoplanets because the signals that show something and orbit a distant star can be caused by something other than exoplanets. It may actually take a long time to confirm their existence. Of course science …

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Lamont Stephenson, one of the FBI's ten most wanted refugees, is found in Maryland

Lamont Stephenson was arrested early Thursday morning by the county police department of Prince George County, Maryland, as officials investigated a suspected vehicle, according to a law enforcement agency. The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington also has an arrest warrant for Stephenson's arrest in connection with the deadly stab of 40-year-old Natina Kiah, according to police spokesman Kristen Metzger. The …

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Ten facts every Broncos fan should know about Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco is directed to the High City mile. The reaction within Broncos Country has been mixed to say the least. However, the majority of the feedback I've seen from VIP subscribers to Mile High Huddle and social media has been negative. Whatever your reaction to the news was that the Denver Broncos have acquired a fourth round Flacco, this …

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Tom Oates: Badger offensive mistakes revealed during the difficult section of the Big Ten Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball

With the University of Wisconsin basketball team playing Michigan 1-0 in four consecutive games in two consecutive games, the odds of winning the Big Ten Conference titles were likely to be slightly less than a little less. ] The problem is that the Badgers of 20th place are so close to being in the middle of the country's most competitive …

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