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The protesters in Portland create their own “autonomous zone” by pitching tents and rebuilding barricades removed by the police

Early in Wednesday, protesters in Portland began to set up tents in the park near the federal court and barricaded streets to create their own autonomous zone, comparable to the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in Seattle, which has since been dissolved. Demonstrators began building tents in downtown Portland’s Lownsdale Square, opposite the Pioneer Courthouse, one of the federal buildings that …

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How the DNC forces Gillibrand and others to pull their tents together

Kirsten Gillibrand and other candidates are essentially being driven out of the running by Democratic leaders. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. The field is too swollen, leading to overcrowded debates and dullnesses leading the message of all but the few top contenders. A party would be insane if it did not try to win the competition for those …

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