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Instagram and Facebook prohibit content to promote conversion therapy for homosexuals

Facebook has announced that it will expand its existing hate speech guidelines around the world to include articles that promote or promote practice. This applies to both platforms. Conversion therapy, a pseudoscientific process that claims to change a person’s sexuality, is largely discredited by major medical associations and judged harmful. But it’s legal in most parts of the world, including …

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New drug delivery technology promises efficient, targeted cancer therapy

Researchers have developed and manufactured peptoid nanotubes for the targeted imaging and therapy of tumor cells. Using a combination of chemotherapy and photodynamic therapies, the nanotubes were highly efficient at killing cancer cells (Peptoid Nanotubes: Bioinspired Peptoid Nanotubes for Targeting Tumor Cells and Chemophotodynamic Therapy / Small 43/2019 / Copyright Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co KGaA (Reproduced with permission). Accurate …

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Sleep therapy for the masses may come to you soon

CVS Health wants to help millions of American workers improve their sleep. For the first time, the large pharmacy prevention manager offers a purely digital therapy as a potential benefit for the employees. The Company is Inviting Employers to Borrow the Cost of Using Sleepio, an Insomnia App with a Cartoon Therapist, to provide behavior modification lessons. CVS Health could …

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Brockhamptons & # 39; Ginger & # 39 ;: Stream the new album and watch the livestream of the Friday Therapy Concert

Brockhampton shows no signs of slowing. Late last month, the self-proclaimed "boyband" announced that their fifth studio album, Ginger will come out in August. And it is available now. The group is broadcasting their Friday Therapy album release show (with special guests!) Tonight on their YouTube channel. Ginger is a sequel to Iridescence of her first for RCA. Frontman Kevin …

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Gene therapy company UniQure explores options including sales

(Bloomberg) – UniQure NV is reviewing options, including a potential sale in the interest of pharmaceutical companies seeking to expand in gene therapy. In early trading, the stocks jumped. The biotechnology company is working with consultants to weigh options such as sales or partnerships, respondents said, who did not want to be identified because the information is private. UniQure shares …

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Pancreatic cancer therapy sheds light on the disease's ties to BRCA mutation

Yet researchers have long-known that cancers other than breast and ovarian are associated with harmful mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2, including fallopian tube cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. Now a new study, presented at the American Society for BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. "BRCA2 mutation carrier, even someone who does not have "Pancreatic cancer is about 6% to 7% and …

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