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Apple’s plan to pay $ 500 million to settle litigation over “sneaky throttling” of older iPhones is tentatively approved

Apple agreed to pay $ 500 million in March to settle a class action lawsuit accusing the company of “stealthily throttling” older iPhone models. The agreement has now been provisionally approved by a judge. According to Law360District judge Edward J. Davila gave a preliminary approval at a zoom hearing, but said he plans to extend the final approval period due …

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Texas bill would ban throttling in disaster areas

Earlier this week, a member of the Texas legislature introduced a bill that makes it a crime for a telecommunications company, such as Verizon or AT & T, to throttle Internet services in declared disaster areas, KUT News said. This bill in Texas, HB 1426, does not specify the rules for net neutrality. The ban on network operators is only …

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Apple confirms that the latest iPhone models may experience CPU throttling, which you probably will not notice – BGR

Late last year, users discovered that an iOS update made their old iPhones slower than before. It turned out to be a deliberate iOS feature as Apple tried to prevent older iPhones from unexpectedly shutting down under heavy load. It turned out that the speed of the processor would be throttled to prevent shutdown. In the months that followed, Apple …

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About this MacBook Pro Core i9 throttling story

You will not have missed the hysterical coverage of recent claims that Apple is throttling its new high-end MacBook Pro, but it seems that these alarms may sound a bit too loud. I saw it on YouTube. .. Apple's new high-end i9 MacBook Pro was designed to slow processor speeds slower than the i7 to reduce the heat generated during …

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Xfinity Mobile Intro video quality and hotspot throttling

Comcast is reportedly reporting to its Xfinity Mobile customers and informing them of in-depth mitigation measures that will be implemented on their network in the coming weeks. This is according to one of the subscribers of the company, which publishes a summary of the received e-mail on Reddit. The changes affect both personal hotspots and resolutions that allow videos to …

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New Samsung display is all about Apple's iPhone throttling mess

Months after the controversy hit the headlines and angered consumers, Samsung is only now starting to roll out Apple for throttling iPhones. A new commercial tells the well-known story of many Samsung commercials: An iPhone user is getting so tired of Apple's phone that they eventually switch to the latest Galaxy device, in this case the Galaxy S9. The tiny …

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