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The International Space Station gets a brand new toilet

Here you can see a prototype of the new Universal Waste Management System with urine tanks. NASA Nobody can hear you blush in space. But that doesn’t mean that the International Space Station doesn’t deserve a toilet worthy of an astronaut’s piss break. The International Space Station is getting a new toilet this year. NASA’s Universal Waste Management System (UWMS) …

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Why the lack of toilet paper is more than just hoarding

On a last Friday afternoon in western Iowa, a man was waiting in line to buy toilet paper at a local dollar general store when another customer, according to local police, started to grieve the man. It was about the amount of toilet paper bought. After feeling threatened by the aggressive behavior of the other customer, the toilet paper buyer …

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Forget toilet paper: Nintendo’s Switch is facing bottlenecks due to the coronavirus pandemic

Sure, you’ve been hurt by the continuing shortage of hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and other key products from panic buying and hoarding, but the coronavirus pandemic surprise piece that is suddenly in short supply is that Nintendo (OTC: NTDOY) Switch, the hybrid portable game console. As more and more people are isolated and quarantined based on on-site instructions to control …

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The Steelers turned Andy Dalton into a toilet

Photo: Justin K. Aller (Getty) It's time for the NFL to see to it that the Bengals are not seen again on national television are for the foreseeable future. They had their butt karate kick by Mason Rudolph and the Pittsburgh Steelers, about as bleak and cheerless a football competition as you're likely to see outside of Miami this terrible …

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Jalen Ramsey wants out of the jacuzzi toilet party

Photo: Sam Greenwood (Getty) Jalen Ramsey played three seasons and moves in Jacksonville and formed an all-pro team. If he has his will, this rule will soon end. One day after shouting out head coach Doug Marrone during a serious defeat against the Texans, Ramsey claimed that he had reported a deal on his agent by Adam Schefter and Ian …

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