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Chris Cuomo’s “haunted” night with coronavirus: fever hallucinations, chills and a broken tooth

The cause of Cuomo’s insomnia? “This virus attacked me, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Cuomo said, telling viewers that he was plagued by a fever of around 103 degrees. “That wouldn’t stop.” “It was like someone punching me like a piñata,” he continued. “I was shaking so much … I broke my tooth.” Then there were fever-related hallucinations. “My …

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Newly found tooth enamel structures could eventually explain its bizarre strength

A new, unique insight into the enamel's nanostructure explains why the hardest substance in the human body is so incredibly resilient. © Pupa Gilbert PIC mapping of enamel with colors representing degrees of misorientation of nanocrystals. Enamel looks like bone, but is actually not living tissue. This outer layer of the tooth – which encloses and protects the other tissue …

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A way to repair tooth enamel

Snapshot of the attempt to repair a human tooth. Picture credits: Zhejiang University A research team from Zhejiang University and Xiamen University found a way to repair human enamel. In their article, published in the journal Science Advances the group describes their process and how well it worked when it was tested. Man has been fighting tooth decay for thousands …

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Archaic tooth gives some teeth to the theory of crossing among different types of humans

A three-rooted lower first molar and the pine to which it belonged, from a modern human. (Christine Lee, California State University) An ancient, unusual tooth discovered in China underpins the theory that Homo sapiens and an extinct human species, Denisovans, exchanged genetic material and physical traits thousands of years ago. The tooth, a molar with three roots, belonged to a …

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Shark tooth pulled from the man's foot 25 years after the bite

A shark attack is hard to forget, but a Florida man recently got a memory in the form of a painful blister on his foot that actually contained the tip of a tooth. Jeff Weakley, who surfed Flager Beach in 1994 when the shark struck, said he initially thought the bubble came from running. FLORIDA FISHERMAN STARTS A RECORD-BREAKING FLATHEAD: …

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