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Blizzard says the overwatch toxicity has dropped 40 percent

Not long ago, Overwatch was a hallmark of toxicities that are widely used in competitive multiplayer games. People kept trolling and spitting vitriol, while a barebones reporting system did little to combat the tide. Oh, what a difference a few years (and a smartly implemented recognition system) makes. Overwatch like most competitive games, still has a certain amount of toxicity …

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Two types of dry dog ​​food recalled vitamin D toxicity reports

Two types of dry dog ​​food were recalled after three separate reports from pet owners that their pets were suffering from vitamin D toxicity as a result of eating the feed. Natural Life Pet Products voluntarily recalls Natural Life Chicken & Potato Dry Dog Food in eight states, and Nutrisca volunteers to remember the nationwide chicken and chickpea dry food …

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Blizzard experiments with AI learning for overwatch toxicity

Toxicity in video games is taken for granted by many. "Just like video games," you will hear many people say. Whether it's an excuse to behave like an idiot in an anonymous online capacity, or if it's just people who forgo what looks like a non-profitable battle. The idea that toxicity is an inevitable part of video games is something …

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Overwatch is taking new steps to combat toxicity, here's how

Blizzard is stepping up efforts to address Toxicity in Overwatch. Game director Jeff Kaplan told Kotaku that the studio is engaged in – and experimenting with – machine learning – making Overwatch a healthier and more inviting space for players. The goal is for Overwatch to automatically detect bad behavior, which would theoretically be faster than having players send reports …

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Blizzard tries to teach computers to discover Overwatch Jerks

Although they are late to avoid some calling a full-blown crisis, Overwatch's anti-toxicity efforts seem to be bearing fruit. The next step in the battle, says game director Jeff Kaplan, could have computers, not people who find bad actors. "We experimented with machine learning," Kaplan said yesterday in an interview in Blizzard's office. "We've been trying to teach our games …

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