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2021 Toyota Venza with standard hybrid drive and all-wheel drive reborn

Surprise! The Toyota Venza is back. Toyota After a five-year absence, Toyota’s medium-sized crossover with five passengers is back. Get to know the Toyota Venza 2021, which is expected to be available in stores this summer. (See how it compares to other medium-sized crossovers in our version Comparison of specifications.) The original Toyota Venza was short-lived. After a fairly successful …

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2021 Toyota GR Supra: First video reviews are there, everyone says

-> -> Not even the coronavirus pandemic was able to stop Toyota from running the media action of the updated 2021 GR Supra. The first reviews of the Japanese sports car bred in Germany have just landed online, and it seems that those who bought last year’s model may regret making decisions. The most important update that the Supra has …

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Toyota tries to justify 2021 Supras Power Bump for 2020MY owners

The 2020 Toyota Supra came out as a headlight for the Japanese manufacturer last year. Sure, it shared most of its fixtures with the BMW Z4, but the exterior was completely different and was definitely an eye-catcher for most people. It was a success in the U.S.And since the car’s launch in July 2019, sales have skyrocketed to 3,800 units. …

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Toyota ceases production at European plants – The Mercury News

From the Associated Press The latest about the coronavirus pandemic. The new corona virus causes mild or moderate symptoms in most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, this can lead to more serious illnesses or death. TOP OF THE HOUR: – Trump extends home stay policy by another 30 days. – New York State …

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California no longer wants to buy GM, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler vehicles to fight emissions

WASHINGTON (Reuters), California, announced on Monday that all new vehicle purchases for state-owned fleets will be discontinued by GM, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler, as well as other automakers supporting President Donald Trump in a fight to secure regulatory oversight of the Exhaust pipe to extract emissions. FILE PHOTO: Engines are being assembled as they make their way through the assembly …

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The "legendary" Toyota Land Cruiser barely sells in the US

The Toyota Land Cruiser is often referred to as a living legend in the automotive world – prized by off-roaders, workers in harsh rural areas and a favorite vehicle of the United Nations and NATO forces. But it hardly seems to sell in the United States. Toyota sells barely more than 3,000 Land Cruisers per year in the US, compared …

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