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Watch these rover models wiggle from alien sand traps

Driving up a sandy hill in a distant world is a great way to get stuck. A decade ago, NASA’s Spirit Rover died on Mars after hitting a sand trap. For months, mission managers on Earth sent orders to the rover to spin its wheels, but Spirit could never squirm freely. When Mars winter came, Spirit fell silent forever because …

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Mexico Mammoths: Man-made woolly mammoth traps found in Tultepec

Copyright EPA Caption The traps were about two meters deep and 25 meters wide At least 14 woolly mammoth skeletons have been discovered in Mexico in traps built by humans some 15,000 years ago. The two mines in Tultepec north of Mexico City are the first mammoth traps discovered, according to official sources. Early hunters may have driven elephant sized …

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Apex Legends: How to completely block bunker doors with corrosive gas traps

Apex Legends players have discovered a potential exploit that will give Caustic users a significant edge in the game, as they can make certain doors essentially impenetrable. Apex Legends proved to be a worthy competitor to Fortnite in the saturated Battle Royale The market that surpassed its competitors was the fastest game to reach 50 million players. However, after a …

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Are Tesla's death traps? Failing brakes and heavy fires ignite fear

Telsa is about to regain control of his safety. Tesla and the outrage of the media go hand in hand these days. Usually, Elon Musk tweeted something about the SEC, but occasionally because a Tesla vehicle is involved in a crash. As Zero Hedge reported, another luxury-class luxury car from Musk had a serious accident. With a history of major …

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Fortnites traps have been fed and players are not happy about it

Earlier this week Epic Games released the 4.2 update for Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale. For the most part, it's a very welcome patch that adds cool things like a maliciously powerful assault rifle, more accurate submachine guns, and a heightened server ticket. These are all good changes, but another change has upset many players. From 4.2 Epic Games …

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WASP-104b Hot Jupiter Traps Almost 99 percent of light: What is a hot Jupiter and how does it form?

Exoplanet WASP-104b was found and is currently considered the least reflective planet. According to the researchers, the planet absorbs almost 99 percent of the light that goes in its direction. ( NASA / JPL-Caltech / T. Pyle ) Scientists have confirmed the WASP-104b as the darkest planet ever discovered. The exoplanet was found in 2014, but scientists have just discovered …

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