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Climate change could mean that Antarctica turns green with algae

The algal bloom that covers parts of Antarctica’s snow cover in summer is likely to expand as the planet warms, researchers say in a new study. A research team from the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey used satellite data and field observations to create the first large-format map of green algae on the coast of the Antarctic …

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Climate change that turns the snow green of Antarctica

Parts of the Antarctic Peninsula change color to “green snow” caused by blooming algae. London: Antarctica conjures up images of an unbroken white wilderness, but algal blooms give parts of the frozen continent an increasingly green sheen. Warming temperatures due to climate change contribute to the formation and spread of “green snow” and are so productive in places that, according …

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The researchers map tiny turns in graphs with a magic angle

In this figure, two graphene layers are stacked at a slightly offset “magic” angle that can either become an insulator or a superconductor. “We put one graphene foil on top of another, similar to plastic foil on plastic foil,” says MIT professor Pablo Jarillo-Herrero. “One would expect wrinkles and regions where the two sheets would be slightly twisted, some less …

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin talk about how a bad separation turns into a marriage

SHUT DOWN This weekend is filled with new music from Billie Eilish for the new “Bond” film to the latest from Justin Bieber, Sam Smith and more. USA TODAY Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin talk about difficulties they faced in their relationship. In the couple’s first episode of the couple’s Facebook Watch series, which premiered on Monday, Bieber and Baldwin …

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Bolsonaro struggles for survival and turns to authorized military elders

RIO DE JANEIRO – Jair Bolsonaro rose to the Brazilian presidency with a number of promises, including eliminating corruption, boosting the economy and abolishing the country’s notorious pork policy. What a difference 16 months make. Beaten by a flood of investigations against him and his family, an economy in free fall and criticism of his carefree handling of one of …

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The deadly virus turns honeybees into Trojan horses

Infected bees were less often fed by other bees, a common behavior shown here. Nathan Beach / University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne; Tori Beach By Erik StokstadApril 28, 2020, 3:00 p.m. Social distance is nothing new to honeybees. If a colony is infected with the deadly Israeli acute palsy virus (IAPV), a new study says that bees are less likely to …

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