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Tito Ortiz claims he was offered Mike Tyson Fight: “I’m in!”

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Tito Ortiz says he has been contacted by someone he is connected to Mike Tyson build a fight … and tell TMZ Sports directly, “I’m in!” The 45-year-old UFC Hall of Famer said he had received the call recently after watching some of the new Tyson training videos and believes an inclination to Iron Mike …

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How Neil deGrasse Tyson made James Cameron change the film

Neil deGrasse Tyson is known for sharing scientific knowledge with the masses. He was also very open to his feelings about popular films. Tyson fans know how often he talks about scientific inaccuracies in science fiction films. Titanic is not a science fiction film, but Tyson also had a problem with a scene in the film. Most people criticize the …

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Nearly 600 workers from the North Carolina chicken processing plant, Tyson, test positive for coronavirus

Wilkes County, North Carolina – Nearly 600 employees at a Tyson chicken factory that reopened after thorough cleaning have tested positive for COVID-19, reports CBS Charlotte subsidiary WBTV. Tyson said 570 employees and contractors out of 2,244 from the Wilkesboro facility that were tested were rated positive. A majority had no symptoms and would not have known they were infected …

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Mike Tyson teases the return to boxing: “I’m back”

Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson continued to tease boxing fans with a possible return to the ring by posting another training video on Instagram on Monday that ended with the message “I’m back”. The 53-year-old caught the eye of the boxing world last week when he posted a short video of a workout that showed he had the punch …

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Tyson warns that more meat factories will be closed

The company also said it will continue to produce less meat than usual since workers do not come to work during the coronavirus pandemic. “We have and expect to continue to experience slowdowns and temporary stoppages of production facilities due to team member bottlenecks or decisions we make to ensure operational safety,” the company said in a statement in which …

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