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George Conway taunts Trump's NASA tweet with an unbelievably unintelligible statement of his own – Raw Story

On Friday, Republican lawyer George Conway and the husband of White House Chief Adviser Kellyanne Conway beat President Donald Trump on Twitter. Conway has a continuing feud with the president and often conflicts with his political decisions. Most recently, Conway trumped space via one of his tweets. Trump complained to NASA about spending money to get to the moon, and …

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Yankees are unbelievably ahead of the first crisis of the season

Three more games. Three more games over four days before this Yankees season from hell passed their first good test. Three more games for this battered and run-down group begin with acting like a contender, though he hardly looks like one. The Yankees season opener ended with a dull thump and a fool – and, we have to mention, another …

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Jared Goff Unbelievably funny Pranks College football team

Jared Goff has NFL talent, but if you do not consistently watch football, maybe he does not have the most famous face. The Rams quarterback, along with Red Bull, thought it would be a funny idea to pet a college football team with a guy they'd never met before. Goff was even harder to recognize when he had undergone his …

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5 unbelievably useful tools for your digital spring cleaning

Biscuits are like the dirt in your gutters: you can not see them, but they're there, clog everything and keep your computer running smoothly. (Reuters) Spring traditionally means cleaning, organization and mops. But in our increasingly high-tech households, your hard drive, phone, or tablet may need just as much attention as your broom closet and oven. It's not just stuff. …

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