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Apple releases new software to unlock iPhone without facial recognition while wearing a coronavirus mask

Receive the latest news about coronavirus and more in your inbox every day. Login here. Apple is testing a new version of the software for iPhones that allows users to unlock their phones without face recognition and with a mask. Currently, users have complained that if they use a face mask or cover to protect themselves against coronavirus, they won’t …

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Google updates Pixel 4 with the “eyes open” fix for face unlock

Google today released an update for Pixel 4 that requires users to keep their eyes open when they open the phone with the face unlock. The update introduces the “Eyes must be open” function, which is activated by default. It offers an additional security measure, but you have the option to disable it in Pixel 4’s face unlock settings. The …

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Ancient "cosmic yeti" galaxy, which generates stars 100 times faster than our own, could unlock the universe's origin – the sun

US scientists have inadvertently discovered a "hidden monster galaxy" next to ours that could reveal the secrets of the universe. Astronomers at the University of Arizona came across the "cosmic yeti" that is 12.5 billion light-years away using high-tech telescopes in the Chilean Atacama Desert. 2 An artistic impression of the new & # 39; Monster & # 39; galaxy …

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