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Erdoğan has managed the unthinkable: to unite all other rivals of the Middle East world news

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who invaded northern Syria last week, achieved what many considered impossible. He joined all the regional countries and rival powers with a stake in the country in furious opposition to what they considered a reckless, destabilizing move. Erdoğan, a tyrulent nationalist populist with dictatorial tendencies, has often stood as a man against the world for 16 consecutive …

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South Koreans dare to hope for a once unthinkable peace with Kim

In downtown Seoul, Kim Jong Un's huge, smiling face gazed down at pedestrians from a billboard-sized TV screen. When the North Korean leader appears on the screens in the South Korean capital, it is a sign of danger and high tensions on the peninsula: weapons testing, rocket launches or extermination promises. But on Friday, in a moment few had expected, …

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