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Crude oil is back above USD 1. Asian stocks are falling

US oil futures fell more than 100% – but only at $ 1.43 a barrel. The May contract for West Texas International, which expires on Tuesday, ended regular trading on Monday at $ 37.63 a barrel. The June contract, which is now trading more actively, rose 4.7% during Asian trading hours to USD 21.39 a barrel, which is still a …

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How FedEx lowered its tax burden to 0 USD

WASHINGTON – In fiscal year 2017, FedEx owed taxes in excess of $ 1.5 billion . It did not owe anything next year. What changed was the tax cut by the Trump government – for which the company had made a strong case. The public face of his lobbying, to which belonged a separate tax proposal was the founder and …

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How gold, oil, stocks and USD develop after the FOMC rate cuts start

REDUCTION OF FEDERAL RESERVE CYCLES AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT – SUMMARY: The Federal Reserve is expected to announce its second interest rate cut this year, confirming the change of central bank towards an increasingly moderate monetary policy. FOMC cut rates have historically led to mixed returns on assets such as gold, crude oil, the S & P 500 and the US …

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AOC tweets, then callback for 125 USD Equifax payment

Those hoping to benefit from the massive Equifax agreement may be unlucky, thanks to AOC. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called on those affected by the 2006 data leak to file a claim and said they could receive $ 125 – "a nice slice of change." But only $ 31 million is earmarked for payments, and the more that claims, the less …

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