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Hollywood celebrities take responsibility for racism in incredibly valuable PSA

As the saying goes, the celebrities are back. On Thursday, a PSA with A-listeners like Kristen Bell, Kesha, Aaron Paul, Stanley Tucci, Bryce Dallas Howard and Debra Messing started a new campaign called #ITakeResponsibility. The campaign, launched by entertainment production company Confluential Content in partnership with NAACP, aims to encourage white people to declare racism and to support black lives …

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Yankees top the Forbes list of most valuable MLB teams for 2020 with $ 5 billion; Red Sox, cubs in the top 5

There is no real baseball right now the ongoing global pandemic of the corona virusThat means we deal with events outside the field. A notable event of this kind that takes place every year is the release of Forbes’ MLB franchise reviews, and version 2020 was released on Thursday. The vast majority of MLB franchises are privately held, which means …

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Japan's asteroid probe is on its way back to Earth carrying valuable cargo – BGR

The Japanese space program JAXA achieved a lot in 2019. After successfully leading its asteroid probe Hayabusa2 into space rock Ryugu in late 2018, the team of scientists involved in the mission initiated a series of potentially dangerous stunts. including the firing of projectiles on the asteroids to collect samples. The mission had a number of challenges to overcome, especially …

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The International Space Station Is More Valuable Than Many People Realize

The International Space Station (ISS) took 12 years in 1964 when President Reagan directed NASA to build a permanent space station It has been populated continuously since November 2000. A colossal achievement by any measure-the station weighs a million pounds and is the single most expensive object ever built. And it should be. Truly a jewel in the crown of …

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These are the most valuable sports teams in the world

The Dallas Cowboys took first place on the Forbes list of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world for the fourth consecutive year. Forbes named the "America's Team" the "World's Most Valuable Sports Franchise". Cowboy owner Jerry Jones bought the team 30 years ago for $ 150 million and the franchise currently has a value of $ 5 …

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Kelly Clarkson offers Taylor Swift some valuable advice to get the upper hand in Scooter Brown controversy

After the recent drama by Taylor Swift and Scooter Brown, Kelly tells Clarkson which side she is on. The singer recently joined Twitter to give advice to Swift in the ongoing controversy with celebrity manager Scooter Braun. Kelly Clarkson | Photo by Jared Siskin / Getty Images for Warner Music Group While other celebrities voiced their support for the singer …

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