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Apple reversal allows Valve's Steam Link streaming app on iOS, tvOS

Valve's mobile Steam Link app, which lets stream PC games to other screens inside and outside the home, is now available on Apple's iOS and tvOS app stores. The news comes almost a year after Apple revoked its approval for The Steam Link app to run on Apple hardware, citing what Valve said were "business conflicts with app guidelines that …

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Every Steam game can now use Valve's DoS-tested low-latency network

Valve opens its latency-reducing, DoS Protective Network Relay infrastructure to all developers using its Steamworks platform Over the past few years, large-scale denial-of-service attacks on game servers have made the news and become a frustrating occurrence Online games and e-sports. To protect its own games, Valve has been working for several years to develop a network infrastructure that makes the …

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Steam.tv is live – and it seems to be Valve's twitch competitor (update)

The Steam Controller. Regardless of this announcement, but it's a nice visual way to represent the gaming initiatives of Valve, yeah? Valve This morning we saw some reports that PC gaming giant Valve has registered a new domain name: Steam.tv. The reports have speculated that Valve will soon launch a service to compete with Amazon's popular streaming Web site Twitch.tv. …

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