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Russia, China vetoed cross-border aid to Syria | news

Russia and China vetoed a recent attempt by members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to extend Friday’s permit for the delivery of humanitarian aid via two border crossings from Turkey to Syria for the next six months. According to the United Nations, millions of Syrian civilians in the largely rebel-held northwest of the country rely on what they …

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The legislators in North Carolina have not vetoed the abortion law of Born Alive

The Republican legislator in North Carolina on Wednesday failed to lift a veto from the state's Democratic governor against the proposal to impose penalties on doctors and nurses who fail to care for a child during unsuccessful abortions. The legislature debated the Senate draft 359 – known as the "Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act" – for more than an hour …

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Trump vetoed resolution calling on the USA to support the Yemeni war led by Saudi Arabia

President Trump vetoed a joint resolution on Tuesday calling on the US to stop providing military support to Saudi-led forces fighting in Yemen's ongoing civil war, calling it "an unnecessary, dangerous attempt weakening my constitutional powers and endangering Americans' lives citizens and brave service members, both today and in the future. " It was only the second veto against Trump's …

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In Kentucky, teachers claim the victory was vetoed

When Kentucky teachers declared victory after the Republican-dominated legislature overruled the veto power of the GOP governor of a spending plan that included new money for education, the question arises as to whether teachers will keep their momentum going in the autumn elections can if Republicans try to defend their super majority. Teacher Karen Schwartz made a sign in Kentucky's …

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Russia vetoed US resolution on Syria gas attack

Russia vetoed a US-drafted resolution Tuesday condemning a suspected Syrian regime's poison gas attack on a suburb of Damascus. The vote in the 15-member UN Security Council fell to 12 votes, Russia and Bolivia against and China abstained. It was the twelfth time that Russia vetoed a resolution on Syria and the sixth veto of chemical weapons. The resolution would …

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