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Astronaut takes a breathtaking PHOTO of the mysterious vortex in the Pacific – RT World News

From their breathtaking vantage point, astronauts can get a unique perspective on our planet hundreds of miles above Earth. The outpost enabled astronaut Doug Hurley to notice a mysterious swirl pattern in the ocean. Hurley, who had just arrived on the International Space Station (ISS) in the past few weeks, took the photo after discovering the peculiar phenomenon in the …

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Scientists Discover Vortex Around Black Hole Spinning at 70 Percent the Speed ​​of Light

Astronomers have measured the spin of five supermassive black holes located around 10-11 billion light-years from Earth and the results reveal that they are moving at staggering speeds. Astrophysical Journal the event horizon of one of these stellar objects is spinning close to or at the speed of light-around 670 million miles per hour. The four other black holes that …

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A dark vortex swirling in a Jupiter jet stream – Astronomy Now

NASA's Juno probe continues to emit spectacular images of Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere, including this breathtaking view of a dark vortex swirling in a jet stream. It is surrounded by bright, higher-altitude clouds that, according to a NASA account, have "blazed into sunlight". The color enhanced image was taken on May 29, when Juno was about 14,800 kilometers (9,200 miles) above …

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Creation of a dark vortex on Neptune that was captured for the first time

The new dark vortex on Neptune (top) along with the associated light methane clouds. This composite image was taken in September and November 2018 by the Hubble Space Telescope. Image: NASA / ESA / GSFC / JPL Late last year, astronomers discovered the sixth known dark vortex on Neptune. This time, however, scientists were able to record the formation of …

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US groundhogs forecast during the polar vortex

P unxsutawney Phil has spoken. Spring is coming early. Neither the famous Pennsylvania marmot nor New York-born Staten Island Chuck saw their shadows, Associated Press reports. Neither is her neighbor from New Jersey, Essex Ed, a resident of the Turtle Back Zoo. Groundhog Day 2019 Al-Dereume, co-founder of the Groundhog Club, left, is a help from Ron Ploucha, right when …

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