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The CA Employment Agency waives the two-week rule for coronavirus

People who receive unemployment insurance in California no longer have to recertify their entitlements every two weeks to continue receiving the money, California Secretary of Labor Julie Su announced on Thursday. The change should allow government employees to spend more time on new demands that have risen sharply in recent days, Su said in a press release. The increase “has …

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No land for old men? Poland waives income tax for young people

A new law coming into force this week in Poland will lift income tax for around 2 million young workers. Policemen under the age of 26 earning less than 85,528 Polish zlotys ($ 22,547) per year will be exempt from income tax of 18% from August 1st. The allowance is generous, considering that the average Polish salary is just under …

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U.S. waives currency manipulator label at major trading partners

WASHINGTON, April 13 (Reuters) – The government Trump has again on Friday renounced naming important trading partners as currency manipulators, as it seeks potential tariffs and negotiations to reduce a massive trade deficit with China. In its biannual monetary report, the US Treasury Department said it had added India to a watchlist for additional oversight, while China, Japan, Germany, South …

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