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The three-ring group of the walking dead universe explained

With the new broadcasting date for The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which is announced as October 4th and will air immediately after the lengthy finale of Walking Dead Season 10, we delve deeper into the large militarized group, the three-ring Logo used. that has become a very big part of the Walking Dead TV verse in recent years. Scott Gimple …

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Disney World guests can no longer eat or drink while walking

Be our guest – with a few exceptions. This seems to be Disney World’s pandemic theme as the popular theme park, after partially reopening on July 11th, struggles to keep visitors safe and socially distant while still providing an entertaining and memorable experience. Some restaurants and attractions in the DIS of Walt Disney Co. remain closed. + 0.70% Orlando, Florida …

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Footprints show prehistoric crocodiles walking on two legs

It is the first time that this passage has been found in this family of old crocodiles that usually walked on four legs like modern crocodiles and alligators. The well-preserved tracks contained footprints of 18 to 24 centimeters in length, which indicates a body length of up to 3 meters. “The narrow webs were made entirely from the rear limbs, …

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Mike Pompeo’s long-time adjutant is named by IG Trump as an employee in the center of the dog walking probe

Mike Pompeo’s long-time adjutant is named by IG Donald Trump as an employee in the center of the dog walking probe Pompeo asked Trump to fire Inspector General Steven Linick It turned out that Linick was investigating Pompeo’s alleged use of government personnel for errands Trump defended the practice on Monday, saying Pompeo needed to negotiate with dictators in North …

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In the midst of warnings of a “Pearl Harbor” corona virus, the governors are walking a fine line

Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois, who is also a Democrat, accused the Trump administration of failing to respond quickly enough to warnings of the severity of the virus released by the intelligence agency in January and February. “If they had started building ventilators in February to prepare for this pandemic,” Pritzker told CNN’s State of the Union, “we wouldn’t have …

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