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Cannons seized by Washington man, said neo-Nazi leader preparing for "Race War"

Firearms belonging to the alleged leader of a neo-Nazi group and presumably preparing for a "race war" have been confiscated under the law of the "Red Flag" according to court records in the state of Washington. Authorities Caleb James Cole, 24, has removed five rifles, three pistols, and other weapon parts under a state law that allows authorities to remove …

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Erdogan threatens military action in Syria, supported by the US group vows "all-out war" when attacked

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that his country would soon launch an "air and ground military operation" east of the Euphrates River in northeastern Syria, urging the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), "All -out to "promise war" when exposed to an unprovoked attack. Ankara has accused the US of not having done enough to expel Syrian Kurdish …

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Iran's foreign minister threatens "all-out war"

The Iranian Foreign Minister warned Thursday on a comprehensive war if the US or Saudi Arabia were to launch military strikes in retaliation for the drone and rocket attacks on Saudi oil supplies. Javad Zarif told CNN that Tehran was hoping to avoid conflicts, he added, saying the country was ready to hold talks with its regional rivals Saudi Arabia …

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"We're at War": A Covert Social Media Campaign Strengthens Military

CAIRO – Days after Sudanese soldiers massacred demonstrators for democracy in Khartoum, an obscure digital marketing company in Cairo began deploying keyboard warriors on a second front: a covert operation to praise the Sudanese military on social media. The Egyptian company, led by a former military officer and self-proclaimed "Internet Warfare" expert, paid new recruits $ 180 a month to …

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Trump Team informs congress on Iranian threat: "This is about deterrence, not about war"

High-ranking Trump government officials were dispatched to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to brief legislators on the escalation of tensions with Iran. Then they want to ward off attacks and avoid wars. The Government sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Patrick Shanahan, Acting Minister of Defense, and Joe Dunford, Chief of Staff, comment on House and Senate lawmakers in separate, closed …

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