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First call: Titan’s illegal practice lesson before Steeler’s game? JJ Watt’s encounter with Bill O’Brien. Ex-pirate mugs shine.

TribLIVE’s daily and weekly email newsletters deliver the news and information you want straight to your inbox. About an hour ago Steeler’s fans want to know what made the Tennessee Titans coronavirus outbreak worse. The “First Call” on Thursday tries to bring this into focus. Also, JJ Watt apparently had a ridge under his saddle because of former coach Bill …

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NFL fans read JJ Watt’s tweet after Bill O’Brien’s dismissal

The Houston Texans became the first team to make a coaching change this season when they announced the sacking of head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien after starting 4-0. O’Brien had felt heat since trading star-wide recipient DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson, who had declined significantly due to injury issues. The chaos of business had set the Texans back …

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Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts plays “Air Drums” during Coronavirus relief performance

No drums? No problem. Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts was not stopped by the lack of drums from playing a live performance from their respective houses with his bandmates on Saturday. The legendary rock band was one of the performers who took part in the “One World: Together At Home” event, which raised money for relief measures against corona viruses. …

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Attorney Chris Watts & # 39; s daughter came in shortly after he killed his wife

"What are you doing with mom?" The 4-year-old asked her father. The details of this interaction – Bella's last known words before her death – and more information on the disturbing family killings were unveiled by Steven Lambert, the family lawyer of Shanaan Watts, on the show "Dr. Phil" on Tuesday. Lambert's comments give a frightening picture of how Chris …

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The video shows Shanann Watts shortly before death

The video from the front door in their home in Frederick, Colorado records the moment a friend leaves Watts on August 13, 2018, from the airport. She can be seen carrying her suitcase up the driveway and to the door. The Short Movie It is believed that the video clip is the last time that Shanann Watts, who was 15 …

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