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We're experiencing the second-warmest year on Earth, says the US National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

According to one report, there is a 85% chance that the year will be classified as the second-warmest year. This year will increasingly be the second or third warmest calendar year on the planet, recorded since modern times. The collection of temperature data began in 1880, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, published this week, in 1880. [19659003] …

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Florida Man: Exist. South Dakota: Stop my beer. "Meth. We're there. & # 39;

Remember New Jersey's epic quest for a state slogan? (In contrast to our 565 communities that are full of them, we never agreed on one.) Drive to South Dakota to throw the glove. The state's new slogan for an anti-drug campaign caused a major stir on social media in South Dakota on Monday. What exactly is this priceless slogan? "Meth. …

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Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst on the state of Ohio states, "If you've gotten lost like us, you can not sit down here and say we're more physical."

Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst has not been sugar-coated when asked about his team's physical condition after a 38-7 loss to Ohio. "If you lose the way we did, you can not sit here and say we're more physical," Chryst said. "And that's my answer to that question." It was the only question that seemed to annoy the head coach in …

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Warren says democrats can not pick a candidate we do not believe because we're scared

MANCHESTER, NH – Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared on Saturday to make some indirect shocks to rival the Democratic presidential campaign and front runner Joe Biden. Speaking to the crowd at the annual New Hampshire Democratic Party meeting in Manchester attended by 19 of the White House candidates of the party – Warren stressed the urgency to defeat President Trump in …

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We're still not getting voice assistants right

The BBC is launching its own voice assistant, appropriately called 'Beeb' (though the efficacy of that word is completely suspect in a world where people might talk about Justin Bieber, just saying). Upon hearing this news, you might be tempted to think, "Ugh, why? This is not necessary. "I would not jump to that conclusion. The Beeb assistant might make …

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Scientists are trying to make Ploonets a thing, and we're here for it

You've heard of Moon Moon – that's what scientists call the satellite of a moon. But are you ready for Ploonets? That's better because we're here to tell you about this hypothetical new class of cosmic objects. That's exactly what it sounds like: a kind of cross between a moon and a planet. And the presence of ploonets might explain …

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