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Boris Johnson will pledge £ 160 million for offshore wind power

Image rights Reuters Boris Johnson will promise in his conference speech on Tuesday to “build back greener” and announce new investments in offshore wind energy. The Prime Minister will pledge £ 160m to upgrade ports and factories to build turbines and set a target for offshore wind to produce enough electricity to power every UK home by 2030. The plan …

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Effects of humidity, temperature and wind on COVID-19

Effects of weather on virus transmission. Influence of the relative humidity (RH = 10%, 50% and 90%) on the breath droplet cloud of the coronavirus at a temperature of 30 ° C and a wind speed of 4 km / h. The wind direction is from left to right. Photo credit: Talib Dbouk and Dimitris Drikakis Influence of evaporation on …

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The research team first observes new equatorial wind patterns in the Antarctic

Lidar shoots into the Antarctic night sky, Arrival Heights Observatory. Photo credit: Danny Hampton, Ian Geraghty, Zimu Li A team led by CIRES has discovered a critical link between winds at the Earth’s equator and atmospheric waves 6,000 miles away at the South Pole. The team first found evidence of a quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) in McMurdo, Antarctica – an atmospheric …

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A storm with a 100 mph wind is blowing through the Midwest

A rare 100 mph wind storm with a force resembling an inland hurricane swept the Midwest on Monday, blew over trees, flipped vehicles, causing widespread property damage and leaving hundreds of thousands without power as it passed Chicago and moved to Indiana and Michigan. Known as the Derecho, the storm lasted several hours as it sped from eastern Nebraska across …

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Derecho with 100 mph wind moves across the Midwest

The storms generated winds of up to 100 miles per hour as they moved through Iowa and Illinois. “Stay inside. Don’t move loose items outside until the wind dies,” tweeted the National Weather Service’s Chicago office. The storms are part of what the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center described as “a particularly dangerous situation”. Tornado warnings apply west of …

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