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Europe is wondering whether it can count on the US again, whoever wins

BRUSSELS – Treated with contempt by President Trump, who sees them as rivals and deadbeats rather than allies, many European leaders are looking forward to the possibility of a Biden presidency. They are painfully aware, however, that four years of Mr. Trump changed the world – and the United States – in ways that are not easily reversible. Even if …

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Even if Biden wins the US election, time is running out to save the Iranian nuclear deal Iran

Even if Joe Biden triumphs in the election, the weakened Iranian government may have only a few months to negotiate a revitalized nuclear deal before facing its own election challenge from hardliners who oppose engagement with the West. The narrow window has urged Biden to offer a phased approach to re-entering the Iranian nuclear deal, which Donald Trump abandoned in …

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Mookie Betts starts a World Series rally for Dodgers and wins free tacos for America with stolen base

Getty Images When America played the first World Series game between the Rays and the Dodgers (TB-LAD GameTracker) on Tuesday, it watched with bated breath because of its continued love of the sport. They also looked for the option for tacos – healthy, relaxing, and free. While this is definitely not the stolen base era, Dodger’s rush dealer Mookie Betts …

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Hardliner wins Turkish-Cypriot leadership election

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) – A hardliner who has won a Turkish Cypriot leadership election said Sunday it was ready to resume dormant talks to end the 46-year-old ethnic division in Cyprus while rival Greek Cypriots hold regional power get a grip on Turkey. Ersin Tatar, who advocates fully aligning Turkish Cypriot policies with those of Turkey’s regional patron, said any …

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New Zealand’s Ardern wins the second term on an election slide

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won a second term in a landslide in historic elections on Saturday. With the most votes, the Liberal Labor Party of Ardern won 49% of the vote, compared with 27% for its main opponent, the Conservative National Party. Labor aimed to win a majority of the seats in parliament, which …

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Nokia wins NASA contract to bring a 4G network to the moon

Soon astronauts on lunar missions will no longer have an excuse for not answering their texts. NASA has awarded Nokia of America $ 14.1 million to provide a cellular network on the moon. The freaking out moon. The grant is part of $ 370 million contracts signed as part of NASA’s “Tipping Point” selection to advance research and development for …

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