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The next iPhone may not charge your AirPods wirelessly

Even less than 24 hours before Apple unveils the iPhone 11 – or whatever they're called – the most trusted source of Apple rumors deviates from its prediction that they include the reverse wireless charging that you use it with could use. Your phone to charge your AirPod battery. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo still does not quite say that the …

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Flexible adhesive sensors can monitor your sweat and pulse wirelessly – TechCrunch

With people increasingly trying to accurately quantify each of their actions, the sensors that monitor these actions are becoming lighter and less invasive. Two prototype sensors from Crosstown's competitors Stanford and Berkeley stick directly to the skin and provide a wealth of physiological data. Stanford's stretchy wireless "BodyNet" is not only flexible to survive wearing on the moving surface of …

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Researchers wirelessly hack the & # 39; Boss & # 39; gene, a step toward reprogramming the human genome

The upper left image shows the gene FGFR1 in its natural state. The right image shows the gene when exposed to laser light, which activates and deactivates the gene. Credit: University at Buffalo. Everything seems to be wireless nowadays. That now includes efforts to reprogram the human genome. A new study conducted by the University of Buffalo describes how researchers …

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The iPhone 11 may be able to charge Apple Watch and AirPods wirelessly, including a faster USB-C charger

Models with rumors of the iPhone 11 Macotakara, the Japanese Apple News blog that regularly reports reliable information about hardware in development, has shared new information about the iPhone 11 and its alleged bidirectional wireless charging function. The website also includes new details about which wireless charging solution is expected with the next flagship iPhone. According to the latest report, …

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OnePlus says the OnePlus 7 can not be charged wirelessly

Wireless charging is again "a thing" and it's better than last time. OnePlus says its flagship phone will not have it. The reason why wireless charging of the OnePlus 7 is not included? Wired charging is faster. This is not wrong but that's not really the point. Our first enthusiasm for wireless charging ran from about 2012 to 2014, but …

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Pixel and Nexus owners can now use Android Auto wirelessly

I'm happy for you, Pixel and Nexus users, because Google has enabled Android Android Auto for you this week. Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P devices with Android Oreo or higher are compatible with the new feature that automatically loads Android Auto into your vehicle display when you're in get in the vehicle. …

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