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Wizards distributes free Dungeons & Dragons materials

Pictured: dragons, a dungeon. picture:: Coast wizard For many of us, games are a powerful escape and coping tool in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. With digital tools that people can play with Table top and board games online, it’s a great way to spend time in the house with those you love, whether you’re together or not. Now, …

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Wizards Unite collected location data while users slept

Kotaku viewed 25,000 location records shared by 10 players of Niantic games. It turned out that in the gameplay of Wizards Unite Niantic made about three site records per minute. That was almost twice as many records as for Pokémon Go . In one case, Niantic had recorded at least one location record almost every hour of the day. In …

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Google's next-generation Wi-Fi router is reported to have new-design wizards

Google's wireless router is one of Google's lesser-known products. It's also been a while since Google released the first version of the Google WiFi router. And so it's getting ready to launch the next-generation Google WiFi with some major changes, possibly starting on October 15, along with the new Pixel phones moving from Google Home branding to Nest. Google's next-gen …

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Isaiah Thomas, wizards agree to deal

Isaiah Thomas, a free-agent point guard, has approved a one-year deal with the Washington Wizards, ESPN league sources said Monday. The Wizards have lost point guard Tomas Satoransky to the Chicago Bulls after three years. On Monday, a $ 30 million deal was signed, giving Thomas the opportunity to become a backup point guard for the franchise. The 30-year-old met …

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What Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Could Learn From Pokemon Go

Share. Here's our our-hard Pokemon Go fans think Wizards Unite could learn from Niantic's biggest hit. By IGN Staff Although Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is being developed by Pokemon Go developer Niantic's flagship catch 'em all game. Here they are, from three die-hard Pokemon Go players on the IGN staff. Make Our Collection Useful While Harry Potter: Wizards Unite shares …

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Now Available for iOS and Android

parts. Someone has cast Alohomora on the game. By Matt Purslow Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has finished its beta phase and can now be downloaded in select regions on Android and iOS devices. This means that the game was unlocked one day earlier than planned. Earlier this week, developer Niantic announced that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released on …

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