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Clorox’s new CEO will increase the number of Fortune 500 women to 38

Clorox announced on Monday that its current president, Linda Rendle, will take over as CEO on September 14. With this new appointment, Rendle, who will replace current CEO Benno Dorer, will increase the total number of women who run Fortune 500 companies to a record high of 38, Fortune reports. In her current role as President, Rendle oversees all of …

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Poland withdraws from the Violence Against Women Treaty News

Poland will take steps next week to withdraw from a European treaty on violence against women that, according to the right-wing cabinet, is violating parents’ rights by requiring schools to teach children about gender, the Justice Minister said. Zbigniew Ziobro said his ministry would apply to the Ministry of Labor and Family Affairs on Monday to begin withdrawing from the …

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Istanbul Convention: Poland leaves the European Treaty on Violence against Women

Image rights EPA Image description Protests against the planned withdrawal took place on Friday Poland should withdraw from a European treaty to prevent violence against women, the country’s minister of justice announced on Saturday. Zbigniew Ziobro said that the document known as the Istanbul Convention is “harmful” because schools have to teach children about gender. He added that the reforms …

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Reality winner among 500 women with coronavirus in Texas federal prison

At least 510 inmates and three employees from the Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas, tested positive for Covid-19, according to the Bureau of Prisons. That is almost 40% of the prisoners. The facility’s intensified testing began on July 1 and prisoners’ temperatures are measured twice daily, the Bureau of Prisons told CNN in a statement. Winner, a …

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Biden says he sees four black women as his running mate

“I’m not required to name one (the potential candidate), but the people I have named, and among them are four black women,” Biden told MSNBC’s Joy Reid in “The ReidOut.” He said he was given a “two-hour review report” of every possible decision he made and that he and his team had gone through “about four candidates” so far. “Then …

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Joe Biden says 4 black women are considered his vice president

Joe Biden said four black women are among those being reviewed as his vice president. When he spoke on the MSNBC show “The Reid Out” on Monday, he made no commitment to pick a black woman for the job, but said his entire government would “look like America.” He did not share the names of people he was checking. Rumors …

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