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This incredible Wrecking Ball Skin concept would be perfect for Overwatch's Lunar New Year | Dexerto.com

An Overwatch fan developed an incredible wrecking ball skin concept that would be perfect for the Lunar New Year in-game event. As this year's Lunar New Year event draws closer, fans have been around for years The ISAAC9797 overwatch fan has developed an incredible concept for a demolition ball skin called "Celestial Ball" which is not only visually stunning, but …

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Overwatch Hammond Release Date: When will Wrecking Ball come to PS4 and Xbox One?

BLIZZARD Overwatch Hammond Release Date: When does Wrecking Ball come to PS4 and Xbox One A new hero has been added to the Overwatch series, a weapon-capable hamster, known as Hammond. During construction to the great revelation of the new character, it seemed like the character was called Hammond. However, Blizzard later acknowledged the correct name of The Hamster's Wrecking …

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Wrecking ball is still the most inventive hero of Overwatch

Overwatch & # 39; s new armored hero, Wrecking Ball, is a delightful hamster controlling a giant round 'Mech. I spent the evening testing him on the test servers to see if it was fun to play with him, what his strengths are and where he could fit into the meta. Here you can read the complete list of his …

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Wrecking Ball was finally revealed as a new Overwatch hero

The official Overwatch website has just unveiled the latest hero to come to Overwatch after he recently raised it, and it turns out that he's called Wrecking Ball – real name Hammond. Above all else, we get a bit of tradition about the hero who is important to the Overwatch community: "In one of the many experiments that were performed …

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