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Gilet's jaunes jubilee: France's yellow vest is desperate for a direction

And yet, Sunday will be the first anniversary of a successful popular uprising that seemed to come out of nowhere just to disappear – but not before it has achieved many of its original goals and inspired other leaderless movements elsewhere. [19659002] On a sunny Saturday afternoon a year ago, more than 250,000 people with the yellow west required by …

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Dodge Chargers and Challengers get purple "Air Dam Shipping Covers" instead of yellow (but the designer hopes you'll take them off)

Photo: David Tracy. Art: Jason Torchinsky. (The purple was worked in). The Auto-Internet is deeply divided about whether it is cool to maintain the yellow " airdam shipping covers " that Dodge installs on its Challengers and Chargers to the lower Protect front panels during shipping – installed or when it is best to throw them away. Thanks to a …

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Alabama stood out in Supernester, where up to 15,000 yellow jackets were housed

In Alabama again appear massive structures that are referred to as "Supernester" and in which up to 15,000 yellow jackets are housed. Experts warn that many more car-sized units will appear across the state before the perennial invasion is over. In May, at least two "perennial yellow jacket nests" were sighted in the southern state. Researchers using the Alabama Cooperative …

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