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Did you get a strange puzzle text? You're not alone

Stephanie Bovee, a 28-year-old from Portland, woke up at 5am. Her sister just wrote "omg". She immediately believed that something had happened to her newborn nephew at the hospital. She started calling everyone. Her sister and her sister's husband did not answer. She woke her mother and freaked her out. It took three hours for her to learn that everything …

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Android 10 update stuck on the home screen? You're not alone

Google has introduced the stable version of Android 10, and the update is now available for the pixels. There's a lot to like, including a system-wide dark theme, Smart Reply, granular location sharing controls, a new gesture-based navigation system, and much more update download. But as is so often the case, some users experience longer installation times with phones that …

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If you're reading this, Ninja's Get Good Book is probably not for you

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has taken big steps lately. First, there was the controversial change from Twitch to Mixer, in which Blevins will now stream exclusively. Blevins also has a collectible toy line in the works. And later this year, the blue-haired Fortnite star also publishes three things in print. One is a graphic novel; another is a notebook with ninja …

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You're probably being approved for an Apple Card – but be careful

Photo: Apple Wondering if you'll be approved for the Apple Card? It turns out you probably do not have to. According to CNBC, the issuing bank Goldman Sachs allegedly approves applications from subprime applicants. That's not a bad thing. With its payment and spend tracking capabilities, the Apple Card was clearly designed with the purpose of showing customers the benefits …

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The Galaxy Fold was ruined by rumor culture and you're to blame

The Galaxy Fold Angela Lang / CNET                                                  If you do not quite remember what happened on April 26 of this year, I do not blame you – it was a pretty long time ago. To jog your memory, it's Arbor Day, National Pretzel Day, Good Friday and the end of Passover. Avengers: Endgame opened in theaters. Joe Biden announced …

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