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Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin Clears Concussion Log; no RB change

TAMPA, Fla. – The day after Bruce Arians, coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, saw several drops from his wide receivers, tight ends, and setbacks, he received the good news that Chris Godwin, arguably his safest receiver, will be back this week against the Denver Broncos. He also said he wasn’t ready to change anything while walking back.

Godwin missed the week two game against the Carolina Panthers due to a concussion.

“Chris passed the protocol. He’s ready to go,” said Arians. “The only thing we know is how safe he is. He’s not going to drop too many, if at all. I look forward to having him back this week.”

Godwin missed two days of training last week due to the concussion he suffered from a helmet-to-helmet hit by DJ Swearinger in the fourth quarter. He was able to return to limited training on Friday – the concussion protocol allows for light exercise, football-specific exercises, and non-contact exercises – but was not given approval during the test on Saturday.

Without him, the Bucs struggled – especially in the second half when quarterback Tom passed Brady just 19 yards – despite still taking a 31-17 win.

“Oh god, we lost about 125 yards, about seven drops, two touchdowns – three touchdowns really,” said Arians. “Tom should have had a 400 yard tag if we’d just caught him.”

Arians also said that despite Leonard Fournette’s 103 yard rushing, two touchdowns and 13 receiving yards, he feels comfortable with Ronald Jones remaining the starter and not making a change there. Jones hurried 23 yards with seven porters and caught two passes for four yards.

“Not at the moment. I think everyone’s role is good at the moment. That is not necessary. He still doesn’t know enough about this offense to be the starter,” said Arians of Fournette.

“I love the way it is right now. RoJo had a great run for a touchdown. Got us out. Had a good flash shot. He screwed up the handover at the draw, but that’s easy to correct. Leonard fresh to come to get – kick legs and stuff in the fourth quarter – very few teams have that combo. Shady did a good job in third place. I know he’d love to have a catch back that he dropped. I thought our back really played, really well, fumbling apart from the handover. “

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