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Tana Mongeau of anaCon travels to VidCon one year after retribution

Tana Mongeau is better known to those outside the inner circle of YouTube creators as "the girl who tried to throw his own convention and failed miserably". Just a year after throwing "TanaCon", a hastily jumbled convention that emerged from "Youtube", retaliation and revenge, Mongeau returns to VidCon, this time as a "Featured Creator".

The decision to become a partner for this year's congress was made by VidCon after both parties reached the same goal – to provide the best experience for all involved, including VidCon, Tana, and especially the fans, "states a press release from VidCon. Mongeau agreed in her own statement, adding that her fans were always a number one priority. She also talked about meeting fans "in a safe and comfortable environment ̵

1; for them as well as for me," alluding to the chaos of last year's fiasco.

VidCon is the point of contact for YouTubers and Instagram influencers. Participation as a Featured Creator is the highest honor. As a featured creator, he has certain privileges, including hired security forces, who bring the most famous creators to and from the convention center. In 2017, Mongeau made a tirade about VidCon's refusal to give her a Featured Creators badge and confessed that she did not respect and feel insecure due to the organization's lack of recognition.

Mongeau was frustrated with VidCon's status quo and decided to hold its own congress, and TanaCon was born. The event drew thousands of fans to a Anaheim venue, just blocks from VidCon and across from Disneyland. Realistically, the venue could not hold more than a few hundred people and, of course, disaster followed. Almost teenagers were upset in the parking lot of the Marriott hotel where the meeting was taking place.

The misfire led to a worldwide coverage of several news agencies, a mini-documentary series by Shane Dawson, a co-founder of YouTube, and week-long talks about the future of massive conventions between online personalities and their fans. Even VidCon founder Hank Green admitted he was "100 percent crapy," adding that "it was a bad call not to see her as an outstanding creator."

Mongeau's TanaCon only occurred Year after the controversial creator Logan Paul was embarrassed by the creative community at the VidCon a rush breaks out. Since then, many celebrities have asked if VidCon is still necessary or relevant to an industry that has grown in size and influence worldwide. Groups like Vlog Squad, a diverse team of vloggers, are organizing their own tours to connect with their larger community, and countless YouTube and Twitch creators are now hosting their own Meet & Greets and other events to fans direct access to offer conditions of the creators.

Inviting Mongeau as Featured Creator to VidCon not only ensures that there will be no second TanaCon, but also proves that VidCon organizers listen to fans who they want to see. In an industry where death is irrelevant, VidCon has found a way to use Mongeau's fame for the better.

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