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Tarantino's Best Weekend Opening Ever – / Film

  Once upon a time there was a weekend box office in Hollywood

Disney's The Lion King continued to rule the box office, but there was some competition for adults over the weekend. Once upon a time, the latest news from Quentin Tarantino in Hollywood also plunged to a high sum, giving Tarantino his best box office weekend of all time. Even if you're not a fan of Hollywood you must admit that it's a breathtaking summer when you see a non-Disney-oriented movie that finally arrives at the audience well Air.

The summer fund was a bit awful for all except for Disney. But on the weekend, there was a glimmer of hope for non-Disney films – in the form of Once upon a time in Hollywood . Hollywood is not exactly what you would call a typical summer movie, despite its big marketing push and movie star headliners. And yet the audience was attuned to what Quentin Tarantino had to offer. The film had a domestic debut of 40.35 million US dollars, making it the best opening of Tarantino's career.

Whatever you think of Hollywood – I think it's one of the best movies of the year, but it has more than a few critics – it's nice to see a movie without a franchise, without IP, without super heroes, without a remake and with a r-rated version that suits the audience, especially in a summer when everything is dominated by Disney.

of which continued The Lion King as the winner. On the second theater weekend, 75.5 million US dollars were recorded. On the one hand, it is a total of two weeks ($ 350,775,534) more than what Aladdin, another Disney remake this year, has so far earned ($ 344,455,270). On the other hand, as Forbes reports, this is a 60% decline over the debut of $ 191.8 million last weekend.

The Lion King is a hit, but it is not quite the hit of Disney could have hoped. Still, it's impossible to feel bad about the House of Mouse as they control pretty much every blockbuster these days. Elsewhere at the weekend checkout, Spider-Man: Far from Home (19459005) took third place, Toy Story 4 (19459006) the fourth and Crawl (19459006) fifth. This weekend Hobbs and Shaw will surely attract a lot of visitors.

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