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Taylor Swift's "ME!" Video Easter Eggs: Album Title, Your Next Single & More

In Taylor Swift's New "Me!" Is there a basket full of Easter eggs? Video, and she's waiting for us to find her.

Before the playful new video with panic! In the disco movie Brendon Urie, which premiered at midnight on April 26, Swift already prepared fans for the upcoming detective work.

"Okay, as far as easter eggs are concerned … there are many in this video, some will be you." Find it out right away, and some will take a minute to reveal their meaning (why I'm talking like a magician), " they first during a YouTube Q & A with their fans in the hours

In a 1

5-minute Instagram live video with Urie streamed Friday (April 26), Swift teased, "The biggest easter egg in the whole thing was missing. But the whole thing … is literally the most Obviously I've inserted the video, and nobody has guessed so far.

Later that night, she shook things up with a bigger bomb: "Well … the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in the video and so it's the title of the second single, but I have not seen anyone yet, they have found. "

Was the case cracked on Saturday? Any fan theories of this weekend actually guessing the title of their new album or the next single? Swift did not say so, so be prepared to pause several times than you can count if you repeat the meaning behind the Easter eggs, the (mostly) in chronological order of appearance in the "I!" video

The Sidewalk Chalk Road

Swift's Countdown for "Me!" In the end it was a series of subtle nods to the video itself, and one of these thumbnails verg zoomed in on the pastel patch that appeared for the first time in the opening scene of Snake Burst-In-Butterflies.

The pale pinks, blues, greens, and greens are pretty and go hand in hand with the overall airy aesthetics of this Swift era – but it could be all the more important that is a reference to Swift's poem "Why She Disappeared which was published in one of the journals published next to her Reputation and recited as an interlude between songs on her reputation tour. The opening of the poem reads, "When she fell, she fell apart, cracking the bones on the sidewalk, once decorated, as a child with sidewalk chalk." (For a potentially related note, on July 13, 2018, Swift posted a photo on Instagram titled "Take Me Home." In the snapshot, she holds a photo album in her hand, depicting her as a child Sidewalk chalk is surrounded drawings.)

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