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Teen accused after his lung collapsed

"It felt like I really had a heart attack," said 18-year-old Chance Ammirata, who described the feeling when his medical emergency began about three weeks ago.

"I would say my ribcage felt like it was collapsing and contracting and I could not breathe."

The emergency room doctors told him his right lung had a hole and collapsed.

"I just freaked out – they said: & # 39; your lungs have collapsed, you need to have surgery immediately. & # 39; 1

9659002] In his Instagram posts are the inserted into his chest tube doctors included.

Two days later, a surgeon operated on to repair the hole in his lungs. His surgeon said CBS News had inflamed Ammiratas lungs, which might have come from something he inhaled. When he was 16, he now believes that Juuls has caused his lung injury.

So he started a social media campaign (#LungLove) to get others to get rid of their juuls. Thousands of messages have been received in the last few weeks.

A message said, "You inspired me to stop, as did many other teenagers, I have been angry for about two years, and I've finally decided to quit."

Ammirata told CBS This Morning consumer education correspondent Anna Werner: "I did not know that I could reach people all over the world, it really just touches my heart."

Doctors told CBS News that it was possible that Ammiratas vaping might have contributed to an infection blowing out a small pocket in his lungs and causing lung collapse.

Juul declined to comment on his case.

But across the country, the CDC and state health authorities are now investigating something else: what the CDC calls "94 possible cases of serious lung disease related to vaping" in 14 states from June 28 to August 15 this year. It is not clear which brand or product the people used or what substance they inhaled.

The Chief Physician of the Children's Minnesota Hospital, dr. Emily Chapman said her doctors treated four boys and girls aged 16 to 18 years. with acute lung injuries.

"They do not match anything else we've worked on before [or] and understand something about lung diseases that are more typical of adolescents," said Chapman.

"So, basically you see a pattern?" asked Werner.

"A pattern that is different from what we saw before, yes, that is the case throughout the lungs, so that on the chest x-ray it looks equally abnormal throughout the lungs."

In the following example, the left image shows an X-ray of a normal lung in cross section. On the right, the same cross-sectional view of a patient in Hawaii, whose doctor stated that he had the same type of acute lung injury associated with vapors.


CBS News

Chapman said her patients are rapidly losing weight in just one week: "They are transitioning from healthy adolescents to a truly life-threatening situation."

Chance Ammirata said his experience had startled him, but the response was inspiring.

"If I were able to make such an impact on the world, I would probably go through it again to help as many people as possible," he said.

While Juul refused to comment on Ammirata's case, the company claimed to monitor the reports of other widespread lung injuries.

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