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Teen Mom OG Sisterhood: Why Maci visited Catelynn in her treatment facility

Maci has previously stated that she has "a sisterhood" with her mate Teen Moms – and during this episode, the Tennessean assisted Catelynn by visiting her in Arizona (where she is being treated). 19659002] "There is something very reassuring in our relationship," Maci said to her producer Jeni as they made their way to Cate. "I have the feeling that sometimes our presence with each other is only necessary." She then added that she and Catelynn are connected at a "very different level".

Maci soon met with Tyler and they went, along with Nova, to Cate. The adults sat around and talked about recent events: Cate revealed why she was seeking help, and during the conversation, she and Maci realized that both had recently had miscarriages. After the meeting, Maci talked to Tyler about the meeting.

"Cate looked really good," she offered, while Tyler said that Catelynn "looks better and better every time I see her." Then Maci told Tyler how to cope when a situation feels like it's getting difficult.

"I know what helps me the most, especially when I'm in the scrap of it all, just being thankful for the babies I have," Maci noted.

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