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Teigen talks about Beyoncés Biss, Roseanne and their social media

Chrissy Teigen says she's nervous about John Legend's appearance in "Jesus Christ Superstar Live" on Sunday, but it's not about what you think.

Legend leads a cast, the Sara Bareilles and Alice Cooper in the NBC version of the rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. (1965-00002) Tegens says her husband often takes bathing breaks during concerts and can not be prepared for a three-hour live show.

Teigen is known for honest, no-filter comments like these, especially in social media. She has earned her 10 million Twitter followers and over 16 million Instagram followers, and much of what she publishes online ends as a headline.

Recent examples of her clickbaits are as she knows the identity of a mysterious person who allegedly bit Beyonce at a party in December; that she has stopped using Snapchat; and enjoys eating bacon.

"If I had to read many stupid things about myself all day, I would hate myself, so I understand the over-saturation," she said on Friday in an interview with The Associated Press to promote her role as a creative consultant for Pampers, who launched a series of natural diapers and scarves.

"I would have done it for free, but do not tell them," laughed Teigen, who has a 2-year-old daughter and is pregnant with her second child. [AP] When did you realize that what you were in the social media say, is questioned?

Doughs: Honestly, when I got my first big brand message, this was the first time I could not say something that I thought was funny because it could give brand reactions. Or when I could not go to the awards because I was always proud to be an outsider, I was able to express myself like a normal fan to performances. When I could not do that, I knew it was over for me. I can not remember who was performing, but obviously someone was not singing live and I said it and, wow.

AP: There are people who really appreciate your honesty because they can relate to it.

Doughs: I hope so. I really do not want things to become a moment, a quote, or a thing. Sometimes the things we do are not a great statement about something bigger.

AP: You recently tweeted that you would not see the "Roseanne" reboot. Why?

Teigens: It's a show I grew up on. My dad still reminds me so much of John Goodman. I have so much more to do with this family than any family on TV. I remember Roseanne and D.J. about a friend of another race. … I really think there is room for shows with different angles than me. It's hard for me to support someone so wildly different ̵

1; they do not even have different views. It depends only on the point of view of humanity. … But it is difficult. I love reality TV, but if you want to deal with it, those shows are probably not the best you can see.

AP: You say you know the identity of the person who bit Beyonce at a party in December. Did you talk to her or the biter since this story exploded?

doughs: (laughter) No, certainly not. It's funny because I really believe that we have been hit by so many really difficult issues, really, really difficult things, as hard as a nation. And so that something can happen where we can all unite. I have not talked to anyone. The funniest part of it is that it's not that big and not the way people think.


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