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Tennessee House spokesman resigns after "vote of no confidence" over text scandal

A prominent lawmaker from Tennessee has agreed to resign in a controversy that included texts between him and a former aide, leading to a vote of no confidence in his own party after ex-chief of staff Cade Cothren resigned on Tuesday three years ago for allegations was to have sent racist and sexist messages to him. According to WKRN, Casada admitted to having responded to two of these messages.


"I participated in a locker room talk, if you will, among two adult men, I'm not proud of that, I'm embarrassed." Casada said in a radio interview.

Casada was also accused of attempting to interfere in a related ethics report, but he denied it.

  FILE - In this snapshot of May 1, 2019, Speaker of the House Speaker Glen Casada R-Franklin, at a microphone at the House of Representatives meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, Casada announced on 21 May 2019 that he would resign from his post after a vote (AP Photo / Mark Humphrey, file)

FILE – In this photograph of the file dated May 1, 2019, Republican spokesman Glen Casada, R-Franklin, stands in the microphone during a home session in Nashville, Tennessee. Casada announced on Tuesday, May 21, 20 His plan of resignation from his post following a vote of no confidence by his Republican caucus in a scandal over explicit text messages. (AP Photo / Mark Humphrey, file)

House Republican Caucus issued a "Distrust" resolution on Monday with 45-24 votes. At first Casada did not seem impressed.

"I am disappointed with the results of today's vote," Casada said. "However, over the next few months, I will work to regain the trust of my colleagues so that we can continue building on the historically conservative results of this legislature." Casada thinks differently.

"When I return to the city on June 3, I'll meet with the Caucus leadership to find the best time to resign as a spokesman so I can support a smooth transition," Casada said ,


Gov. Lee supported the decision and said it was the right phone call from the representative, who had only been the spokesman for the house since January.

"Speaker Casada has made the right decision, and I look forward to working with lawmakers to return to conducting people's business and focusing on the issues that are most important to our state," Lee said an explanation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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