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Tensions between Pelosi and progressive Democrats of "The Squad" go up in flames

WASHINGTON spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said they have no supporters in Congress. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York said that she and three of her liberal counterparts, darlings of the left, collectively referred to as "the troupe," exercise real power in the party.

Six Months After the New House Begins The democratic majority and the long-simmering tensions between the speaker and the squad – Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts – have come out in public a lot of criticism from Ms. Pelosi among liberal activists and revival of a debate within the party about how best to stand up to President Trump.

The fire was lit by a US $ 4.6 billion Border Assistance Package approved by the Trump's alleged quota of immigration raid. But the forest was already a tinder box, wiped out by the months-long debate over impeachment, earlier dust removal with Ms. Omar and Ms. Tlaib and over the Green New Deal by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, and upcoming debates over $ 15 an hour minimum wage and funding for immigration and customs control.

The dispute is all the more remarkable as Ms. Pelosi, the Liberal congressman from San Francisco, the most powerful elected woman in American history, faces a group of progressive Democrats women of skin color, who as part of the most diverse class ever in the house has exceeded their own limits.

"This is an inevitable tension between some progressives with one priority, their ideology, and a spokesperson with many priorities, including maintaining the majority in the House of Representatives, electing a Democratic president against Trump, and responding to the consensus of her caucus "Said Steve Israel, Democrat and former representative of New York. "As it distracts from Donald Trump and becomes a round firing squad among Democrats, it can be deadly."

Others see an old guard resist powerful young voices calling for change.

"These newcomers are you breaking through and building a movement, the more power the movement gains, the more convincing they become to Pelosi," said Brian Fallon, former spokesman for Senator Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

The clashes When New York Times' columnist Maureen Dowd asked Ms. Pelosi about the Bidder's anger, the spokesman noted that the group had not persuaded other Democrats to vote against Parliament's bill this past month voting to restrict the use of money by the administration and demanded due diligence standards for the detention of migrant centers.

"All these people have their public and their Twitter world," Ms. Pelosi told Ms. Dowd in an interview that was released by The Times over the weekend. "But they had no followers. There are four people and so many voices have been received. "

Dr. Ocasio-Cortez, the congresswoman from Queens, who upset a 20-year-old Democratic incumbent in a primary school and slammed herself in the halls of Congress as an outspoken and social media-savvy fire, responded sharply a series of Twitter posts – a public sign of defiance to the 50-year-older party leader.

"This public & # 39; whatever & # 39; means public mood, "she wrote in a message to her more than 4.7 million followers 10,000 times recirculated and" liked "by 65,000 people." And if we have the power to make a difference, achieve it we actually make significant changes in this country. "

Omar intervened with a tweet of solidarity." Patetico! "Wrote on her personal Twitter account with more than 1 million followers." You know she just salty, because WHO is exercising the power to change public sentiment these days, sis. I'm sorry, do not be sorry. "

wife. Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, went even further, arguing in a series of tweets that his boss and her first counterparts, better than Ms. Pelosi, were able to lead democratic leaders who were not ready for their own Fighting Principles "Pelosi claims we can not focus on impeachment because it's a distraction from kitchen table issues," Chakrabarti said . "But I challenge you to find voters who can only name one thing the House Democrats have done for their kitchen table this year, what is this Legislative Mastermind doing?"

The back and forth has less ideological differences between women Pelosi and the young crop of progressives do as with their different styles and agendas.

Ms. Pelosi, whose legislative triumph is to impose the Law on Affordable Care in 2010, has focused on the power of House Democrats to challenge Mr Trump by pushing laws that appeal to the widest possible range of Democrats, including more than two dozen Moderate Legislators elected in 2016 in districts sponsored by the President Related to health care, weapons security, electoral reform and immigration, also w If there are divisions about whether to accuse Trump – a move she has also done has been widely rejected to endorse.

The spokesman also expresses dissatisfaction among democratic legislators towards Ms Ocasio-Cortez and her group, who see them as sowing intra-party divisions with their bullhorns and burning their own brands without achieving any results for them Democrats.

wife. Pelosi appeared to point this out on Monday when she was asked to explain her comments to Ms. Dowd.

"It was not dismissive; it was a finding," Ms. Pelosi said Monday in front of a reporter in San Francisco, while most House Democrats had "voted for the protection of children" by passing the House's Humanitarian Aid Law The troupe had decided against it. "They were four who argued against the bill, and they were the only four who voted against the bill, all I said was that no one had followed their lead. "

" You have a following in public, "added Ms. Pelosi," I speak only of the Congress. "

The Quads have helped to redefine their party's message by using billions of dollars of ideas like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and the non-teaching college have spurred broad rhetorical support, even from Democratic presidential candidates However, it still needs to be translated into concrete legislative achievements.

The Force and its allies argue that their uncompromising and debt-free standpoints unlock the real energy in the democratic base.

has helped all congressmen get their jobs and give their hammer to Pelosi, and they have been at the forefront of pushing the limits of what is possible in Congress, "said Leah Greenberg, the executive director of Indivisible, progressiv advocacy group.

Liberal activists attempted to use the spokesman's remarks to incite indignation – and to raise money to organize primaries against established Democrats who consider them insufficiently liberal.

"AOC and The Squad have changed the entire national debate," said an e-mail refining the spit of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which has given everyone who donated to thei a colorful sticker titled " I STAND WITH AOC "offer" more AOCs to Congress ".

Mr. Fallon, now executive director of the Demand Justice progressive grassroots group, said Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has demonstrated a unique ability to capture the public limelight for liberal candidates and concerns, as she did last week when she visited a migrant prison in Texas. But Ms. Pelosi has a very different mandate, which should perhaps subtly convey her recent remarks.

"Above all, I think it's a challenge for this rising wing of the party, if they really are. I do not just want to be the wing of protest, but to make the leadership follow their strategy, expand their support base and to leave her no other choice, "he said.

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