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Tesla autopilot gives lane change (Video)

The Tesla community has recently welcomed another upgrade to their autopilot driver assistance system. Vehicles can now warn drivers when they are near a red light. Tesla owners have also noticed that the autopilot seems to be learning how to clear the way for other vehicles changing on the highway.

Community observations and a video shared by Model 3 owner u / privaterbok of the r / TeslaMotors Subreddit show the electric sedan's autopilot system that brakes the vehicle before the other vehicle joins the Tesla's lane , Oddly enough, the merging vehicle in the middle display of the model 3 was marked with a darker gray tone, which indicates that the autopilot responded specifically to the vehicle.

It should be noted that the vehicle in the video is not even equipped with the latest software from Tesla. The owner of the Model 3 found that the vehicle was equipped with 201

9.5.15, a version of the software from Tesla, which was rolled out about two weeks ago. Tesla has just released version 2019.8.3 for some members of its fleet, and the update included some new tricks. Nevertheless, the observations of the owner of Model 3 give the impression that Tesla is actively improving his autopilot functions.

Among the tricks included in the latest 2019.8.3 update is "Autosteer Stop Light Warning" (19459007), which allows drivers to determine if they are close to a red light. The Tesla release notes for this feature are as follows: "In some cases, your car may alert you when it detects that you are lighting a red traffic light while the Autosteer is in use. This is not a substitute for an attentive driver and does not stop the car. "If Elon Musk's tweet was a clue last December, the autopilot might be able to spot stop signs and roundabouts.

This improvement is likely to be useful for many Tesla owners, especially as the company has listed Stop Light Warning among the features of Autosteeer. Autosteer, formerly part of the expanded autopilot, is now being sold by Tesla as part of the base autopilot, which the company sells for $ 3,000 ($ 4,000 after delivery). With the Stop Light warning in the basic autopilot, Tesla ensures that most of its customers will be able to use the security feature in the future.

Tesla definitely seems determined to step up its efforts to develop its full self-driving suite and enhance the autopilot driver assistance system this year. Recently, Elon Musk announced that the confirmation of Navigate on Autopilot and Enhanced Summon leads to the first owners of electric vehicles. Inventory codes also indicate that Tesla appears to be shipping some of its vehicles with Hardware 3, a bespoke solution developed by Tesla that was specifically designed to usher in full self-driving capabilities.

See how autopilot gives priority to a vehicle that changes lanes in the following video.

Tesla autopilot starts lane change (video)

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